A Project of the University of Pennsylvania and the John Templeton Foundation

The role of episodic and semantic memory in episodic foresight

Published: November, 2012

Investigator(s): Other Investigator(s)

Researcher(s): Martin-Ordas, G., Atance, C. M., & Louw, A.


In this paper we describe a special form of future thinking, termed “episodic foresight” and its relation with episodic and semantic memory. We outline the methodologies that have largely been developed in the last five years to assess this capacity in young children and non-human animals. Drawing on Tulving's definition of episodic and semantic memory, we provide a critical analysis of the role that both types of memory might have on the episodic foresight tasks described in the literature. We conclude by highlighting some unanswered questions and suggesting future directions for research that could further our understanding of how memory is intimately connected to episodic foresight.

JTF grant funded: No